What Should I Do If I Have Lost My Keys?

If you’ve lost your keys, you can call a locksmith to help you get into your vehicle, home, or business. You may need to take several steps once you discover your keys are missing, depending on whether you have a spare key or are concerned about unauthorized access. Here is what you should do if your keys are missing:

Contact a Locksmith

Calling a locksmith is the first step if you’re locked out of your home or vehicle. They can help you quickly gain access to your property. Our team at 4 Got Keys responds to calls for service for emergency lockouts 24 hours a day. We provide rapid service and have various tools to unlock the door without damaging your property. If you have already damaged the lock by trying to access the property on your own, we can make quick repairs to help you get back in. 

Have a New Key Made

If you can’t find your key after searching for it, you can have a new key made. We can use a spare key to build a new one if you had an extra key hidden or gave it to a spouse or roommate. If you don’t have a spare key, we can make a new key from your lock. Depending on the car, we can create a new key for vehicles even without one to copy. Our team has the tools to make the newest type of keys, including smart keys and responder keys. 

Get the Lock Rekeyed

You can also have us rekey your locks and make a new key, especially if you’re concerned that someone stole your original one. Rekeying a lock provides more security for your home because no one will be able to access your property if they have the old key. Our team can rekey residential and commercial locks so that you can feel safe within your home. We have the tools to rekey complex locks, such as those that use a master key in apartment complexes and commercial spaces. 

Install New Locks

If you want more security, you can choose to have new locks installed. Our team can install a new security system that replaces the traditional key with more complex access points. Biometric locks use facial recognition or your fingerprint to allow you access to the property so you can have better security. We can also install locks that require an access code. We’ll show you how to assign a unique code to each person and how to change the code when necessary. We use quality products that can withstand tampering. We’ll help you determine the best type of lock based on your needs. 

Contact Professional Locksmith Services

If you’ve lost your keys, call 4 Got Keys to help you gain access to your vehicle, home, or business. We can assist you with getting inside quickly without damaging your property. We can also make a spare key, rekey your locks, or install new locks to give you peace of mind. Call us today for all your lockout needs. 

Can a Locksmith Make Keys for Me?

Are you looking to make new keys for your lock? 4 Got Keys of Wilmington is here to help. We’re a locally owned locksmith company with years of experience. Our locksmiths can help you make duplicate keys or create a new set if you’ve lost the original one. Here are three ways we can make keys for your lock:

1.    Cut Key to Code

Lock and key manufacturers often provide unique characters (code) for each key and lock. The code defines how the key is fashioned. This is all we need to cut your new keys. Most manufacturers stamp the key code onto the original key, inside the lock case, or in the lock manual. Some high-security locks come with key-code cards. 

We can contact the lock manufacturer if you can’t find the key codes anywhere in your home. Cutting a key using its codes requires a code cutter and an appropriate key blank. The code cutter will generate a key with the exact dimensions as the original.

2.    Impression of the Lock

Some keys don’t come with a code stamped anywhere, and we might not be able to reach the original manufacturer. In such cases, we’ll create an impression of the lock. Our locksmiths are experts at making impressions and can file down a blank to produce a functional key for your lock. The process begins by inserting an appropriate blank into the lock and turning it to bind the pins.

We’ll then pull, tap, and wiggle to form necessary markings on the blank key. The markings specify areas that need filing to produce the required key. Impressioning involves inserting, marking, and filling the blank key several times without disassembling or decoding the lock. The method requires experienced locksmiths with years of practice and fine-tuning. 

3.    Disassemble the Lock

Some locks are impossible to impress and don’t feature key codes. For such systems, the locksmith will disassemble the lock and reverse engineer the pins. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington can disassemble your lock without damaging the internal mechanism. The process starts with picking the lock to open and uninstalling it from the door.

We’ll then disassemble the lock and examine the unique configuration of the pins and lock cylinder. We have experts who know how to tear down locks using delicate, non-destructive methods. Our goal is to disassemble, take direct measurements of the pins, put the lock back together, and create a working key. We’ll make sure the lock cylinder is aligned correctly.

Trustworthy Locksmith Services in Fayetteville

Have you lost your keys, need duplicates, or have an emergency that requires prompt lock picking? Consider calling an experienced local locksmith. Working with a reputable company can help you navigate any issues with your locks and keys. We recommend sticking to licensed, insured professionals with quality service guarantees.

At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, we offer a full suite of residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency services. We can create keys for your lock, install new locks, repair damaged locks and provide emergency services. Our company serves Wilmington, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas and is available 24/7.

How to Install a Commercial Door Lock

24 Hour Locksmith Lock Out Services

Whether it’s your commercial or residential property or office, commercial locks are a great resource for safety from theft and doors being broken into. Having a 24-hour locksmith service near you can save you a great deal. Here is how you can install a door lock:

Types of Commercial Door Locks

The type of door lock you choose to install depends on your specific needs and the kind of security you expect. Commercial door locks are graded according to the level of strength, durability, and price. The more durable and stable, the more expensive the door lock.

  • Commercial Strike: These door locks are electrical, and typically use an intercom to allow one entry at a time.
  • Keyless Entry Commercial Lock: With this type of door lock, you will need a passcode to access the building.
  • Restricted Key System: The system limits on how many times you can make key copies. It is a basic locking system besides that.
  • Master Key System: This system keeps a record of how many entries you make in a particular building area to prevent illegal entry.
  • Magnetic Locks: Magnetic door locks use sensors with an electronic or card key for entry.
  • Door Closers: The door closes automatically upon entry into the building. These types of commercial locks are electronically operated and need programming during installation. You can not try a DIY technique because experts and experienced locksmiths can do the building for you.

Knob Door Locks

Several other door locks have a lock cylinder in the knobs. The lock can jam, you lose your key, or the key gets stuck in the lock. 

Here are steps on how to open the door lock and replace the cylinder:

  1. Unscrew the faceplate from the door edge.
  2. Loosen the screw without removing it.
  3. Insert the original key halfway, then turn it 45 degrees clockwise.
  4. Insert a pin in a hole on the side and push to release the latch.
  5. Turn the key at 90 degrees to remove the cylinder from the latch.
  6.  Insert the new cylinder.
  7. Then insert the new key and turn it to 45 degrees.
  8. Screw the cylinder back to the hole clockwise.
  9. Tighten the set screw with a screwdriver.
  10. Listen for the sound of the cylinder clicking to announce it is home.
  11. Install the faceplate and test whether the lock.

The steps to install might look doable, but you may struggle if you forget where a specific part lodges. If the door lock uses a thumbturn instead of a key, use the same installation steps by turning the thumb turn.

Why You Need a Locksmith

Removing, replacing, and installing a commercial door lock can be a daunting process. A DIY attempt can bring about hazards instead of security to your property. The price of a commercial door can much higher than engaging a locksmith.

Are you living in the Fayetteville and Wilmington areas? Do you have commercial door lock problems and are worried about your security? Contact us at 4 Got Keys of Wilmington for reliable locksmith experts.

6 Situations When You Need a Locksmith

Getting locked out of your premises or car can be stressful and inconvenient. Hiring a locksmith ensures you regain access to the inside without causing damage. Locksmiths offer prompt services, guaranteeing you peace of mind as you go on with your day.

6 Situations When You Need a Locksmith

Locksmiths have the training for practically every solution involving keys and locks. If you are wondering whether they can help with your situation, here are instances when you should enlist locksmith services like 4 Got Keys of Wilmington.

1. Moving Into a New House

Buying a home is exciting, but ensuring security at the premises is paramount. Whether it is a newly built home or a formerly-existing apartment, you can’t be sure who has a copy of your keys. Multiple existing copies in the wrong hands pose a security threat you should not ignore.

Call a locksmith to rekey your locks immediately after you move in. By making a new set of keys or installing new locks, you ensure nobody else has access to your home.

2. After a Break-in

Break-ins are unfortunate, but you have to act fast to prevent a reoccurrence. Burglars being able to access your house means it can happen again — unless you improve security. A locksmith can replace locks in your home to boost security. You have a better chance of keeping thieves away from your home with an upgraded lockset.

3. Lost Keys

Misplacing keys is common for many people and can be unfortunate. Without the keys, you cannot enter the house or car unless you get professional help. Working with our emergency locksmith services means you receive prompt assistance to get access to your property and lock rekeying help.

You should not take chances after losing your keys; if someone has stolen them, they can access your property. Our locksmiths will help you replace the locks or rekey to boost security at home.

4. Broken Keys 

Wear and tear weaken keys after they have been used for a long time. Such keys can break inside the lock, making them difficult to remove.

Our locksmiths can help remove the broken key to open your lock using spares. We also offer assistance to help you replace the broken key.

5. Upgrading or Customizing Your Home Security

A lock upgrade might be necessary if you seek to bolster home security. Newer locks come with advanced security features for your home-entry mechanism. Instead of the traditional locks, you can now consider keyless entry options. 

Professional locksmiths handle lock upgrades efficiently. They help you explore available lock options and settle for one that suits your needs. If you want to customize your locks, our locksmiths can also create single key access in your home.

6. After Accidentally Getting Locked Out

Accidentally getting locked out of your home or car can be frustrating. You likely won’t have planned for such occasions, which can leave you stranded. Our professional locksmiths offer emergency services to get you quick access to your property.

Hire a Locksmith

Enlisting professional locksmith services is essential for many situations. You should hire a trusted and reputable locksmith since they can guarantee quality service.

4 Got Keys of Wilmington is your honest and reliable service to get you out of a jam. We offer emergency services to ensure you don’t get stranded and continue with your day. Contact us today for prompt service at an affordable price.

Different Lock Systems for Commercial Properties

Commercial property gives you income or is a place where income is generated. Security of such a property is the number one concern of any property owner. The first thing you can do is find a locksmith in your neighborhood to install the best commercial door lock. However, you need to consider a few factors before deciding what type of commercial door lock to purchase for your property.

Factors to Consider:

Not all commercial lock systems are automatically the best option. Take into account the following:

  • Size of the property
  • Number of rooms and their size
  • Number of staff and customers who come and leave the premises
  • Your main security needs
  • Budget

There are three categories of commercial door locks, each defined based on their security and reliability features. Grades 2 and 3 are good, but Grade 1 has the highest strength and durability.

Types of Lock Systems to Purchase From a Locksmith

As you look at different options, remember that the locks you decide on should cater to your commercial needs.

1.Cylindrical Lever Locks

You can operate a cylindrical lever lock with a key and push-button. The cylindrical lever lock has handles on both sides and is best for interior doors. You can easily install a cylindrical lever lock system. They also have an anti-snap option to strengthen security.

2.Mortise Lock Systems

Mortise locks are heavy-duty and very reliable commercial locks. Mortise locks don’t rust as they are made of aluminum. The size of the bolts in the mortise body is substantial, making this lock very durable.

3.  Panic Bars or Push Bars

Panic bars, also called push bars, are installed on a building’s exit doors to let users quickly move in and out of a building. They are sufficient in emergency evacuation times the door will easily spring open when you attempt to exit. 

4.Electronic and Smart Locks

These are more advanced locking systems with a wide range of features to keep the property secure. This category includes keyless locks, keypad locks, electric door locks, biometric locks, and remote locks systems.

Benefits of Electronic and Smart Door Lock Systems

  • Unlock doors with a key fob
  • Remotely unlock doors and manage accessibility in the building
  • Effortlessly configure any number of doors
  • Add security to internal doors like offices and conference rooms
  • Use advanced access controls
  • Monitor all doors in the building from an interface
  • Upgrade door lock systems according to need diversities
  • Enhance security controls and audits for those entering the building

Electronic commercial door locks have additional security features to protect your commercial property. They are designed for many clients who come in and out of the property in a single day.

Go For the Best Door Lock System

Commercial keyless door locks are powered with a video reader, providing all-in-one functionality. In these technological times, you want to keep up with current market trends on security matters. You require 24-hour locksmith professionals to upgrade your commercial door lock systems.

Are you living in Wilmington, Fayetteville area, and are experiencing security issues on your property? Contact 4 Got Keys??? today. Our locksmith experts will handle your commercial door lock systems immediately.

7 Things Locksmiths Can Help With

Locksmiths can help with various things, including new lock and peephole installations, lock changing, locked-out services, and many more. When you have misplaced your home/car keys or need to open a safe of a passed loved one, a locksmith is the professional to hire. The best offer 24 hour locksmith services, so you can get assistance around the clock. Here is an overview of seven things locksmiths can help with:

1.    Installing a New Lock

A locksmith’s job revolves around installing, repairing, and maintaining locks. You can hire a locksmith to install new locks if you need to switch to new systems. Locksmiths can safely remove existing locks without damaging the door, car, safe, desk, cabinet, or mailbox. They can also install locks in new homes and doors.

2.    Locked-out Services

Locked-out services are some of the most popular requests locksmiths receive. It is easy to get locked out, especially if you have kids or have a tight schedule. A locksmith can safely open the lock if you are locked out of your home or car. Some companies offer 24/7 services, so you can call them at any time to regain access without damaging or compromising your locks. 

3.    Safes and Combinations

A locksmith can help you unlock safes left behind by passed loved ones. Safes tend to feature complex combinations and tough materials. They are impossible to open without professional tools and help, so hiring a locksmith is the right approach. Locksmiths have the experience and technical knowledge required to unlock the safe without damaging it and can set up new combinations.

4.    Automobile Lock Services

You can hire a locksmith to unlock your car if you have misplaced the keys or left them inside the vehicle. Locksmiths can also change the locks and configure new keys if you need to replace the existing setup. An auto locksmith will handle all automobile locks, including doors, ignition, and rear storage compartments.

5.    Mailbox Replacement

Your mailbox holds confidential documents and needs the safest locks to prevent unauthorized access, adverse weather, and unruly animals. If you have lost your mailbox keys or need an upgrade to better locks, hire a locksmith. Most companies can complete mailbox replacements or configure new locks and keys if you need safer setups.

6.    Installing Smart Locks

Traditional locks and keys are still popular, and most locksmiths specialize in configuring and handling such setups. You can also hire a locksmith to install smart locks systems that use voice or touch activation instead of keys. Make sure the locksmith specializes in smart locks and has experience installing such systems.

7.    Garage Doors and Peep Holes

Your garage door is an entryway to your home and needs safe locking systems to keep your cars, tools, and home secure. Locksmiths can repair garage doors and restore proper functioning to malfunctioning locks. You can also hire a locksmith to install a peephole to your doors for extra safety/precaution.

24 Hour Locksmith Services

It is possible to plan for a lock change or new installation, but some scenarios require emergency services. If you are locked out of your home car or need to open a safe for deeds and wills, you will need 24 hour locksmith services.

Whether you have been locked out of your home or your vehicle, we can help. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington is a local family-owned and operated locksmith business with experienced locksmiths. We install, repair, reconfigure, or replace locks across Wilmington, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas. We also offer vehicle key duplication and programming services. Contact us today for all your lock and key needs.

How to Tell If Someone Tampered with Your Locks

A break-in attempt is a piece of disturbing news for every home, car, or business owner. If the first attempt was unsuccessful, the burglars might return better prepared for the second time. Therefore, you should always check for signs of lock tampering. It would also help if you considered enlisting the advice of a locksmith for professional lock security advice.

Tell-Tale Signs of an Attempted Break-in

Whenever you suspect that your lock has been tampered with, first look for evidence around the scene. Check whether anything is out of place, smashed, moved, or broken. But before you start checking for any anomalies, a little knowledge would help. So here are the possible signs of lock tampering.

Lock Malfunction

A lock doesn’t function properly as before could have been tampered with through bumping. Bumping is a centuries-old secretive technique that expert locksmiths use to hastily open locks, usually only in emergencies. The process involves inserting an improvised key into the lock, then hitting it hard, forcing the tumblers to release.

Burglars have taken advantage of this process to break into people’s property. Signs of bumping include fresh scratches on the edges of the keyhole. You may also notice glossy metal edges resulting from the brute force on the lock. The brute strength used to force the tumblers to release will cause the lock to become difficult to open or loose. 

Scrapes and Deep Cuts on the Lock

Scrapes and deep cuts are enough signs to make you suspect a burglary attempt on your lock. Though wear and tear may lead to similar scratches, fresh ones are a cause for alarm. Likewise, nicks, especially around the keyhole, could signify lock picking.

Lock picking is a method used to open locks by inserting flat screwdrivers into the keyhole. The picks rake the tumblers, forcing the key to turn. Signs of lock picking include fresh, shiny scratches around the keyhole edges. 

Deformed or Damaged Lock

Burglars don’t have the luxury of time to break a lock. They usually do it in a hurry to avoid detection. The easiest way for them is to use brute force on the lock. Brute force physically damages the lock, forcing it to turn.

Inexperienced burglars opt to drill the lock or hit it with a crowbar, damaging its body. Others kick the door intending to force it to unhinge. In the end, your lock or door resembles a crime scene. Signs of damaged lock include debris near the entrance, dents on the lock, splinters, and fresh scratches.

Enlist the Services of a Locksmith to Secure Your Property

Now that you are informed about the signs of lock tampering, it’s time you took action. The surest way to stop unwanted intrusion is to seek the services of a locksmith. A professional will advise on the most secure locks depending on your needs.

Are you planning to take the next step towards securing your property soon? Prevention is better than cure-goes an old saying. For professional safety tips and secure lock fitting services, contact 4 Got Keys of Wilmington as soon as you’re ready.

How You Can Improve Automobile Security

If you have had your car broken into, you know how important security is if you own a vehicle. Car thieves break into thousands of vehicles each year and keep inventing new ways to breach existing security measures. Contact an experienced auto locksmith to fix or rekey broken locks if your car has been broken into.

5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Security before you need an Auto Locksmith

Auto locksmiths focus on fixing lock issues and damages caused by thieves. Car owners can use surveillance, alarm, or lock different parts of the vehicle to deny access. Here’s a look at five ways you can improve automobile security.

1.    Invest in a Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks do precisely what the name suggests. They lock over the steering wheel, making it immobile. The locks are heavy and visible, offering a visual deterrence to auto thieves because they have to work harder to get away with the car.

When purchasing a wheel lock, stick to sturdy metal locks customized for your car. Some companies offer guarantees that include reimbursing you if thieves get away with your vehicle.

2.    Use a Tire and Rim Lock

Rim and tire locks work in the same way as steering wheel locks. Parking enforcement officials often use this method to book cars parked in the wrong slot. The locks clamp onto the outside of the wheel, preventing it from turning.

Tire and rim locks come in different sizes so that you can find the perfect model for your car. Also, they are versatile and can protect your trailers, ATVs, RVs, lawnmowers, and other equipment that feature a wheel.

3.    Ensure the Car Alarm Works

Car alarms are perfect for deterring auto thieves from stealing your vehicle. If you have an old, outdated, or ineffective alarm, get it fixed as soon as possible. Alarms have unique features that’ll make your life more convenient.

You can upgrade the alarm system to include keyless access, remote car starting, and pre-warming. Some auto insurance policies even offer discounts to customers who integrate more security features, such as advanced alarms.

4.    Use an Auto GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are convenient for tracking the whereabouts of your car. Auto locksmiths can plug a tracker in the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) II port to help you map out where your vehicle is. With a GPS tracker, you can use your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or computer to trace its location.

Some trackers work with telematics to keep track of driving habits. They can send warnings or notifications if your car moves into strange territory or roads you often don’t use. The only downside to trackers is that most involve a monthly/yearly subscription.

Car Lock Repair 

There are many other ways to improve automobile security. Kill switches, car part protection, immobilizers, and keyless pouches are all tools you can use to buffer security and reduce vulnerabilities. Tools alone won’t provide 100% security for your car.

You should avoid situations that leave your car vulnerable. Purchasing automobiles with better security features, parking in safe locations, tracking spare keys, and charging EV cables are essential practices. You should also work with reputable auto shops to fix lock issues.

At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, our goal is to provide premium quality locksmith services in Fayetteville, Wilmington, and surrounding areas. We are locally owned and operated, have many years of experience and a clean track record to help you fix broken and damaged locks.

3 Services a Commercial Locksmith can Perform for You

Most commercial locksmiths today offer a 24 Hour locksmith service to their clients. This is a convenient necessity considering a person can be locked outside their home or car any time of day. Locksmiths are an essential service provider. Most provide lockout services, along with lock replacement and key making.

Others specialize in additional services like high-security locks, safe installation, and access control. Some locksmiths can even perform door services like installing, repairing, and replacing doors and their hinges. 

However, the majority of locksmiths will keep it simple because there are plenty of clients needing assistance with three basic things: re-keying, lock replacement, and lockouts.

3 Services a Commercial Locksmith can Perform for You

#1: Re-keying Locks

There might be many reasons why you need your locks re-keyed for your commercial business. Most employers will have the locks changed or re-keyed when an employee leaves, after a break-in, or when a disgruntled employee makes quiet threats against the company.

In order to re-key a door, the locksmith will change the pattern of the cylinders on your locks so that the old keys do not work on them anymore. Following this, the locksmith will create new keys that now fit the re-keyed locks. 

Re-keying your locks is a great alternative to replacing the locks altogether. This is a simple, fast service that can be done in a matter of hours in most cases.

#2: Lock Replacement, Repairs, and Installation

One of the most important services a locksmith performs is replacing, repairing, and installing locks. In the instance that re-keying is not the solution for you, there is good news! You can still call a locksmith to replace and install your current locks.

Most homeowners will choose to replace their locks altogether rather than repair them. However, commercial businesses or building owners need the assistance of a professional to make the repair. Most high-security commercial locks are more complicated than a simple cylinder lock that is found on many residential homes.

Whether your lock is jammed or broken, a locksmith can typically perform a repair service very quickly. Don’t hesitate to give your local locksmith a call for assistance with these issues.

#3: Lockouts

No one likes being locked out of their vehicle or business. It can be an especially difficult situation if you are in unfamiliar territory or alone at night. When you find yourself in this situation, reach for your phone and call a locksmith. Those that have 24/7 emergency lockout services are often quick to dispatch help to your location, especially if you feel unsafe. 

Call 4 Got Keys of Wilmington for your 24 Hour Locksmith Services!

When you need locksmith services, there is only one phone you should make and that is to 4 Got Keys of Wilmington. Here at 4 Got Keys, we provide outstanding service to our clients anytime they require our assistance. From lockouts to lock replacement, we’ve got Wilmington area residents covered. Give our office a call today for your 24 Hour locksmith services!

Find a Locksmith You Can Trust

If you find yourself in need of a locksmith, you may wonder where to begin. Security is vital to peace of mind, and a good 24 hour locksmith can be the difference between a terrible experience and a great one. Read on to get some ideas on how to choose a locksmith to help you keep your family and your property secure.

What Makes a Trustworthy 24 Hour Locksmith?

Choosing the right locksmith can have a huge impact on your life. If you’re looking for a commercial locksmith, shabby work can result in lost profits. A good residential locksmith can help you protect your family. If you lose your car keys, you’ll need to find a locksmith that does quality car key replacement. Whatever your needs are, here are some qualities you’ll want to look for.


As the name suggests, a 24 hour locksmith should be reachable at any time of the day or night. You never know when an accidental lockout or a broken key will throw a wrench into your plans. In moments like those, your locksmith should be only a phone call away.


No one likes to be kept waiting. This is especially true in an emergency or a time-sensitive situation. Replacing a broken lock is an urgent need, so you should choose a locksmith that understands when time is of the essence. 

Community Care

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing services from large companies. However, when looking for a locksmith, consider choosing someone local. A local locksmith with a good reputation is very likely to be trustworthy and to care about the community they serve. 

Great Prices

As with any other product or service, your locksmith’s pricing is important. Find a locksmith that is reasonable and forthcoming about their prices. Surprises aren’t great when it comes to your bill. 

Choose 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington

It may seem difficult to find a locksmith that checks all of those boxes. If you are looking in the Wilmington area, you’re in luck! 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington is a 24 hour locksmith providing residential, commercial, and auto services.

Residential and Commercial

At 4 Got Keys???, we offer full residential and commercial locksmithing services. We can help you with onetime entry if you’re locked out, fix broken locks, and re-key your entire home or business.

If you’re looking to beef up your security, we can also help you select an entirely new set of locks. Then we’ll install them for you. 


If you find yourself locked out of your car at two in the morning, call us. We’ll meet you wherever you are and get you back into your car. Don’t worry – we can unlock almost any make and model. 

If you need to replace your car key or have an extra key made, we can do that, too! We can cut and program new keys for all domestic cars and most foreign ones. 

Why Choose Us?

At 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington, we are committed to being a locksmith you can trust to get the job done. We are locally owned and operated, so our clients are our friends and neighbors. Any time of the day or night, you can always count on us to deliver fast and friendly service. Finally, we know the value of a great deal, so we always offer our services at reasonable prices. Give us a call today to let us know what we can do for you!