Different Lock Systems for Commercial Properties

Commercial property gives you income or is a place where income is generated. Security of such a property is the number one concern of any property owner. The first thing you can do is find a locksmith in your neighborhood to install the best commercial door lock. However, you need to consider a few factors before deciding what type of commercial door lock to purchase for your property.

Factors to Consider:

Not all commercial lock systems are automatically the best option. Take into account the following:

  • Size of the property
  • Number of rooms and their size
  • Number of staff and customers who come and leave the premises
  • Your main security needs
  • Budget

There are three categories of commercial door locks, each defined based on their security and reliability features. Grades 2 and 3 are good, but Grade 1 has the highest strength and durability.

Types of Lock Systems to Purchase From a Locksmith

As you look at different options, remember that the locks you decide on should cater to your commercial needs.

1.Cylindrical Lever Locks

You can operate a cylindrical lever lock with a key and push-button. The cylindrical lever lock has handles on both sides and is best for interior doors. You can easily install a cylindrical lever lock system. They also have an anti-snap option to strengthen security.

2.Mortise Lock Systems

Mortise locks are heavy-duty and very reliable commercial locks. Mortise locks don’t rust as they are made of aluminum. The size of the bolts in the mortise body is substantial, making this lock very durable.

3.  Panic Bars or Push Bars

Panic bars, also called push bars, are installed on a building’s exit doors to let users quickly move in and out of a building. They are sufficient in emergency evacuation times the door will easily spring open when you attempt to exit. 

4.Electronic and Smart Locks

These are more advanced locking systems with a wide range of features to keep the property secure. This category includes keyless locks, keypad locks, electric door locks, biometric locks, and remote locks systems.

Benefits of Electronic and Smart Door Lock Systems

  • Unlock doors with a key fob
  • Remotely unlock doors and manage accessibility in the building
  • Effortlessly configure any number of doors
  • Add security to internal doors like offices and conference rooms
  • Use advanced access controls
  • Monitor all doors in the building from an interface
  • Upgrade door lock systems according to need diversities
  • Enhance security controls and audits for those entering the building

Electronic commercial door locks have additional security features to protect your commercial property. They are designed for many clients who come in and out of the property in a single day.

Go For the Best Door Lock System

Commercial keyless door locks are powered with a video reader, providing all-in-one functionality. In these technological times, you want to keep up with current market trends on security matters. You require 24-hour locksmith professionals to upgrade your commercial door lock systems.

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