How to Tell If Someone Tampered with Your Locks

A break-in attempt is a piece of disturbing news for every home, car, or business owner. If the first attempt was unsuccessful, the burglars might return better prepared for the second time. Therefore, you should always check for signs of lock tampering. It would also help if you considered enlisting the advice of a locksmith for professional lock security advice.

Tell-Tale Signs of an Attempted Break-in

Whenever you suspect that your lock has been tampered with, first look for evidence around the scene. Check whether anything is out of place, smashed, moved, or broken. But before you start checking for any anomalies, a little knowledge would help. So here are the possible signs of lock tampering.

Lock Malfunction

A lock doesn’t function properly as before could have been tampered with through bumping. Bumping is a centuries-old secretive technique that expert locksmiths use to hastily open locks, usually only in emergencies. The process involves inserting an improvised key into the lock, then hitting it hard, forcing the tumblers to release.

Burglars have taken advantage of this process to break into people’s property. Signs of bumping include fresh scratches on the edges of the keyhole. You may also notice glossy metal edges resulting from the brute force on the lock. The brute strength used to force the tumblers to release will cause the lock to become difficult to open or loose. 

Scrapes and Deep Cuts on the Lock

Scrapes and deep cuts are enough signs to make you suspect a burglary attempt on your lock. Though wear and tear may lead to similar scratches, fresh ones are a cause for alarm. Likewise, nicks, especially around the keyhole, could signify lock picking.

Lock picking is a method used to open locks by inserting flat screwdrivers into the keyhole. The picks rake the tumblers, forcing the key to turn. Signs of lock picking include fresh, shiny scratches around the keyhole edges. 

Deformed or Damaged Lock

Burglars don’t have the luxury of time to break a lock. They usually do it in a hurry to avoid detection. The easiest way for them is to use brute force on the lock. Brute force physically damages the lock, forcing it to turn.

Inexperienced burglars opt to drill the lock or hit it with a crowbar, damaging its body. Others kick the door intending to force it to unhinge. In the end, your lock or door resembles a crime scene. Signs of damaged lock include debris near the entrance, dents on the lock, splinters, and fresh scratches.

Enlist the Services of a Locksmith to Secure Your Property

Now that you are informed about the signs of lock tampering, it’s time you took action. The surest way to stop unwanted intrusion is to seek the services of a locksmith. A professional will advise on the most secure locks depending on your needs.

Are you planning to take the next step towards securing your property soon? Prevention is better than cure-goes an old saying. For professional safety tips and secure lock fitting services, contact 4 Got Keys of Wilmington as soon as you’re ready.