3 Services a Commercial Locksmith can Perform for You

Most commercial locksmiths today offer a 24 Hour locksmith service to their clients. This is a convenient necessity considering a person can be locked outside their home or car any time of day. Locksmiths are an essential service provider. Most provide lockout services, along with lock replacement and key making.

Others specialize in additional services like high-security locks, safe installation, and access control. Some locksmiths can even perform door services like installing, repairing, and replacing doors and their hinges. 

However, the majority of locksmiths will keep it simple because there are plenty of clients needing assistance with three basic things: re-keying, lock replacement, and lockouts.

3 Services a Commercial Locksmith can Perform for You

#1: Re-keying Locks

There might be many reasons why you need your locks re-keyed for your commercial business. Most employers will have the locks changed or re-keyed when an employee leaves, after a break-in, or when a disgruntled employee makes quiet threats against the company.

In order to re-key a door, the locksmith will change the pattern of the cylinders on your locks so that the old keys do not work on them anymore. Following this, the locksmith will create new keys that now fit the re-keyed locks. 

Re-keying your locks is a great alternative to replacing the locks altogether. This is a simple, fast service that can be done in a matter of hours in most cases.

#2: Lock Replacement, Repairs, and Installation

One of the most important services a locksmith performs is replacing, repairing, and installing locks. In the instance that re-keying is not the solution for you, there is good news! You can still call a locksmith to replace and install your current locks.

Most homeowners will choose to replace their locks altogether rather than repair them. However, commercial businesses or building owners need the assistance of a professional to make the repair. Most high-security commercial locks are more complicated than a simple cylinder lock that is found on many residential homes.

Whether your lock is jammed or broken, a locksmith can typically perform a repair service very quickly. Don’t hesitate to give your local locksmith a call for assistance with these issues.

#3: Lockouts

No one likes being locked out of their vehicle or business. It can be an especially difficult situation if you are in unfamiliar territory or alone at night. When you find yourself in this situation, reach for your phone and call a locksmith. Those that have 24/7 emergency lockout services are often quick to dispatch help to your location, especially if you feel unsafe. 

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