What to do if You Lock Yourself Out of Your House

If you haven’t done it yet, the chances are good you’ll do it sometime in your life. Locking yourself out of your own house is one of the most frustrating situations you’ll ever find yourself in. It’s all right there—your comfy couch, a fridge full of food, and a clean private bathroom just waiting for you. You might need to call a 24 hour locksmith to get to it all. But before you do, keep a few other ideas in mind.

When a 24 Hour Locksmith Becomes your Best Friend

The first rule of locking yourself out of the house is don’t panic about locking yourself out of the house. But seriously, stay calm. Everything is going to be alright. There is a solution to this problem, in fact, there may be more than one.

Try Alternate Access Points

Take a walk around the house and assess the situation. Is there an unlocked window you can access safely, or did you by any chance leave the backdoor open? If you do decide to try entering through a window, follow these safety tips:

  • Go tell a neighbor or call a friend about the situation. Let someone know what you’re doing in case you get injured trying to get in. It’s also helpful to alert neighbors so they don’t think a burglar is entering your home and call the police.
  • Don’t even think about climbing into second-story windows. Scaling a tall ladder to shimmy into a window is a recipe for disaster. There are other alternatives, don’t risk life or limb.

Look Again

A sense of panic sets in when we think we’ve lost something as important as a house key. And with panic comes bad judgment. Go through your belongings one more time. Visualize the last time you used the key. Maybe you put it in an unusual place for some reason. Check your coat pockets, every compartment in your purse, and under the car seats. You might get lucky. 

Call Everyone

Has a friend or family member got a key to your home? You may not remember specifically giving someone a key for emergencies, but perhaps someone came to water your plants last summer and forgot to give the key back. Making a few phone calls could solve the problem easily.

Pick That Lock

Okay, don’t actually stick anything into the lock, but you can try sliding your largest most flexible credit card between the door frame and the door. Pro tip: If this works, you need to have a more secure lock installed ASAP. If you have hand tools available, you might also try removing the doorknob or taking the door off the hinges.

Call a 24 Hour Locksmith

Reliable locksmiths like the pros at 4 Got Keys of Wilmington are waiting for your call. It takes only minutes for a trained locksmith to let you into your house. Can’t you hear the bathroom calling? If you feel certain your key is really truly lost, you can have the smith install a new lock on the spot—complete with new keys, of course.

Don’t hesitate to call 4 Got Keys at Wilmington if you find yourself stuck on the wrong side of your own front door. Their 24/7 availability, friendly service, and affordable prices will make you feel right at home.