4 Ways To Upgrade Your Locks for Added Security

If you’re concerned about the safety of your home, you can upgrade your current locks. A variety of lock and key replacement options exist to provide a higher level of security for residential customers. A professional locksmith will evaluate your current locks to help you determine what kind of locks are right for your home. Here are four ways you can upgrade your locks for added security: 

1. Rekey Existing Locks

One of the simplest ways to improve your home’s security is to rekey your locks. During this service, a locksmith rekeys each lock and replaces the old keys with new ones. This is beneficial for homeowners who recently bought a new home, as it confirms that anyone with the old keys can’t unlock the doors. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington provides rekeying services for residences around Wilmington, Fayetteville, and surrounding communities.

2. Upgrade to a Stronger Lock

Updating your knob or handle locks to a stronger lock, like a deadbolt, may improve your property’s security. Modern deadbolt locks are built of high-strength materials that are more difficult to break or cut through. These locks are attached to the doorframe and include a metal bolt that moves from the door to the frame to prevent the door from opening. A locksmith may suggest adding a second deadbolt to street-facing doors for added protection. They may also recommend keeping your knob and handle locks and supplementing them with a deadbolt instead of removing them.

3. Install Keypad Locks

Keypad locks are opened using a combination of numbers instead of a key. With this type of lock, the only people with access to your home are those you give the combination to. If you hire someone to complete repairs in your home, you can give them the code to access the property and change it after they complete the job. Changing your access code at regular intervals helps improve the security of the keypad lock. A trained locksmith can install the new lock system and show you how to enter and change the code.

4. Switch to Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are modern security systems that require approved fingerprints or facial recognition to open. You can limit who has access to your home based on whose biometrics you input into the system. Each person must be added to the system individually, as the doors will only open for those the system recognizes. This helps prevent unwanted guests or intruders from breaking in. When upgrading from traditional locks to biometric locks, ask the installer for help inputting your first fingerprints or facial scans to make sure you understand how the system works. 

Find a Professional Locksmith to Update Your Locks

At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners protect their property and belongings. Whether you need your locks rekeyed, stronger locks installed, or tips for selecting an advanced security system, our team can help. Our locksmiths will evaluate your needs and offer services to open or upgrade your locks. Contact us today to learn more about our locksmith services. 

Upgrading Versus Replacing Your Locks With a Mobile Locksmith

Deciding whether to upgrade or replace your locks depends on various factors, such as the age and condition of your current locks, security needs, and budget. A professional mobile locksmith can offer situational recommendations and efficient lock repair or installation services. At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, we are fully equipped to provide quick and quality residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services. Here is a comparison between upgrading and replacing your locks with a professional locksmith:

When To Upgrade Your Locks

Upgrading your locks is an effective way to enhance their functionality, strength, and convenience. The process involves replacing components of your existing lock system with modern security features that are harder to bypass. Here are some scenarios when you may upgrade your locks:

Following a Break-in

If your home or business has been a victim of a break-in, it is often recommended to upgrade your locks. The intruder may have tampered with or damaged the locks during the break-in, making them less effective in protecting your property. At 4 Got Keys, we have the expertise to assess the damage and recommend upgrades to prevent future break-ins. We offer the latest locking devices with anti-tamper and anti-picking mechanisms to prevent forceful entry attempts.

Moving to a New Home or Business

Your new premises may have outdated or easily compromised lock systems vulnerable to break-ins. Upgrading your locks to modern and high-security versions enhances the safety of your property. We offer mobile locksmith services, so we can travel to your new property for on-site assessments and provide more secure locking solutions.

When To Replace Your Locks

Replacing your locks involves completely removing the old lock system and installing a new one. Partnering with 4 Got Keys for this project allows you to get quality lock replacements and installations. Here are some instances where replacing your locks is necessary:

Lost or Stolen Keys

Stolen or lost keys pose a significant security risk, as anyone with a duplicate can compromise your property’s security. Replacing the locks helps you regain control over access to your property. At 4 Got Keys, we operate round-the-clock, allowing you to call us anytime for comprehensive lock replacements and key-cutting services. Our experts can replace your lock with a keyless entry or single-key system for efficient key management.

Old or Outdated Locks

With advancements in lock-picking techniques, outdated locks may be easier to compromise. These locks lack features such as bump-proof mechanisms or pick-resistant cylinders, which enhance resistance to forced entry. Our locksmiths know the latest lock technology and can offer professional advice on improving your property’s security. We offer a wide selection of advanced locking systems, including smart locks, so you can implement suitable protection for your home or business.

Call a Professional Mobile Locksmith

A mobile locksmith offers convenient and flexible services catering to your home, business, and auto needs. At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, our team provides fast and reliable services for all your lock upgrade and replacement needs. Whether you need to upgrade your locks following a break-in or replace them after losing a key, we can help. Contact us for 24/7 locksmith assistance.

4 Reasons To Call a 24 Hour Locksmith

A 24/7 locksmith can assist with various lock, key, and security-related situations during regular hours and in emergencies. At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, we offer 24 hour locksmith services to our residential, automotive, and commercial clients. Here are four reasons to call an around-the-clock locksmith:

1. Lockouts

Home and car lockouts are common reasons to call a 24 hour locksmith. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle in an unfamiliar or unsafe location, a qualified locksmith can unlock your car and get you back on the road. Locksmiths can assist you when you get locked out of your home due to a lock malfunction or lost keys. If you’re a business owner or employee, a workplace lockout can disrupt your operations. A 24/7 locksmith can help you regain entry if you need to urgently access sensitive documents, equipment, or facilities. Home, business, and vehicle lockouts can occur late at night or during weekends when traditional locksmith services aren’t available, but on-call locksmiths can offer assistance during those hours.

2. Lock Damage Due to Burglary or Vandalism

After a break-in, you should change your locks immediately to prevent intruders from returning. A qualified locksmith can help secure your property by replacing the compromised locks. Our team at 4 Got Keys of Wilmington can identify damage to the locks or keys and check for signs of forced entry. One of our locksmiths can help you choose new locks that meet your home or business’s security needs. If the locks are still in good condition, the locksmith may suggest rekeying the locks. Rekeying involves changing the lock pins and creating new keys, making the old keys useless.

3. Electronic Locks Reprogramming

Electronic locks and access control systems can malfunction due to electrical issues, software bugs, or physical wear and tear. A 24/7 locksmith can diagnose the problem, whether it’s a software issue, hardware malfunction, or out-of-date access permissions. After diagnosis, our team can update access codes, reconfigure user permissions, and repair or replace malfunctioning components. After completing reprogramming or repairs, the locksmith tests the system to make sure the electronic lock or access control system functions correctly. The locksmith may offer advice on preventive maintenance to keep your electronic locks and access control systems in good working order.

4. Security Upgrades

If you want to upgrade your security system or install high-security locks, an after-hour locksmith can assist you. The locksmith can install locks with features like advanced key control, pick resistance, and drill resistance. These features make it more difficult for intruders to breach the locks. Modern security systems often include electronic access control with keyless entry systems, keypad locks, card readers, or biometric systems. An around-the-clock locksmith can install, program, and maintain these systems when it’s convenient for you to make sure they’re functioning effectively.

Hire a Qualified 24 Hour Locksmith

4 Got Keys of Wilmington can assist you with lockouts and security upgrades. We also provide electronic lock reprogramming and lock repair and replacement services. Our 24 hour locksmiths will examine your lock, security system, or access control device to detect issues and suggest the best corrective action. Contact us today to learn more about our 24/7 home, business, and automobile locksmith services.

Tips for Choosing the Right Locksmith for Your Needs

A locksmith can be helpful during lockout situations, lock replacement, key duplication, or lock rekeying. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington provides diverse locksmith services related to locks, keys, and security systems. Here are tips for choosing the right lock tradesman for your needs:


Locksmiths may specialize in various areas, so choosing a technician who offers the type of service you need can be a viable option. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington offers residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services. We also provide lock system installation and vehicle key duplication and programming services.

Our technicians can diagnose lock issues and repair or replace them based on the condition. Reliable lock tradesmen also conduct security audits of your locks and suggest possible upgrades. They can also offer rekeying services to prevent unauthorized entry and safeguard your home or business.

Licensing and Certification

A licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith can offer trusted services and provide coverage in case of an accident. When you contact a locksmith, inquire about their licensing status and ask for their license number. Once you have the locksmith’s license number, verify its authenticity with the appropriate licensing authority.

Some lock tradesmen are members of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) to indicate their commitment to ethics and industry standards. Companies who are members of ALOA have access to educational resources and may have certifications, such as Certified Registered Locksmith or Certified Professional Locksmith. When a lock tradesman holds the necessary licenses and certifications, it demonstrates that they have met specific standards of competence and professionalism.

Tools and Techniques

A skilled locksmith should have precision key-cutting machines to create or duplicate keys accurately. Qualified technicians can also have lock installation tools like drills, hole saws, and jigs for installing new locks and deadbolts. We are equipped with software and programming tools to configure and reprogram electronic lock systems and access control systems.

Technicians also use a variety of lock-picking tools, such as tension wrenches, hook picks, rake picks, and ball picks, to manipulate lock pins and tumblers. They can also utilize lubricants, cleaning solutions, and maintenance tools for locks to operate smoothly and remain in prime condition. Lock tradesmen can use key extractors and other tools to remove broken keys from locks.

Emergency Solutions

Ask the locksmith if they can be available during emergency situations like lost or stolen keys. Other urgent situations include burglaries or break-ins that need prompt assistance. Electronic lock failures, vehicle lockout, and safe lockout are additional examples of emergency situations.

4 Got Keys of Wilmington offers emergency solutions for such instances to boost your safety, security, and convenience. We can help you gain access to your business premises and replace or repair damaged locks within a reasonable time frame.

Hire a Reliable Locksmith Near You

At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, we offer residential, auto, and commercial locksmithing services to meet your needs. Our experienced and skilled technicians can also perform routine maintenance to boost lock performance. We can work on any vehicle, lock, or key model to boost your security requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

The Advantages of Mobile Auto Locksmith Services

A mobile auto locksmith can be helpful in various instances like car lockouts, damaged keys, or stolen car keys. At 4 Got Keys of Raleigh, we offer reliable locksmith services for clients in Raleigh, NC. Here are the advantages of mobile auto locksmith services:

On-Site Services

Vehicles often break down in remote and hard-to-reach locations on freeways and roads far from traditional locksmith locations. Mobile locksmiths can reach you anywhere with all the tools necessary right on the spot4 Got Keys of Raleigh locksmiths have key-cutting machines, key programming devices, and replacement parts to offer on-the-spot services.

On-the-spot services are convenient for vehicle owners in different locations. You don’t need to worry about finding your way to a physical locksmith shop when stranded in a remote area. The locksmith comes to you, saving you the expenses of towing your vehicle to another location for assistance.

Expertise and Specialization

A mobile auto locksmith can handle various vehicle makes and models, including modern cars with advanced key and lock systems. The expert understands how different lock and key systems are designed to deter theft and intrusion. This knowledge allows them to work on these systems without compromising the vehicle’s security.

Our locksmiths can handle various automotive lock and key issues, such as emergency lockouts, broken key extraction, key replacement, ignition repairs, and lock rekeying. Many modern cars feature transponder key systems with an embedded electronic chip communicating with the car’s immobilizer system. Mobile locksmiths have the skills and equipment to program, reprogram, and replace transponder keys to work with your vehicle.

Reliable Response Times

Mobile locksmiths often use GPS technology in their vehicles, allowing them to pinpoint your exact location quickly. GPS technology lets these experts easily find your location, minimizing response times. The ability of mobile locksmiths to arrive within a reasonable time at your location reduces the stress of car lockouts.

Mobile locksmith services often have technicians stationed at various locations throughout their service area. This network of technicians allows for reliable response times, as the nearest available technician can be dispatched to your location. We offer dependable locksmith services in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas. 


Mobile locksmiths are often certified and insured, providing security when you need assistance with your vehicle’s locks and keys. The Associated Locksmiths of America offers valid certification to locksmiths across the United States. Our certified locksmiths adhere to industry standards such as precision in cutting keys and repairing or replacing locks.

Reputable locksmiths may have liability insurance and workers’ compensation to offer maximum financial protection. If they accidentally damage your car’s interior while working on your locks, their liability insurance would cover the cost of repairs.

Hire a Qualified Mobile Auto Locksmith

4 Got Keys of Raleigh offers car key replacement, lockout assistance, ignition repair, key fob programming, and lock repairs. Our qualified locksmiths can address problems in various vehicle types, like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and specialized vehicles. In lockout situations, our locksmiths use non-destructive entry techniques to open your vehicle’s doors to prevent damage. Contact us today to book a consultation for car locksmith services.

The Role of Locksmiths in Business Security

As a business owner, you need proper security to protect your assets, staff, and customers. A locksmith can offer solutions to guard your business against theft and vandalism while allowing authorized personnel access to sensitive areas. At 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington, we provide various services to secure businesses, including quality lock installation and rekey services. Here are the roles of a locksmith in business security:

New Lock Installation

If you’ve acquired a new place for your business or want to change your current locks, a locksmith can provide new lock installation services. They can evaluate your needs and recommend suitable, high-security solutions. We can install traditional mechanical locks, smart locks, electronic locks, and others. A skilled locksmith can also design and install single-entry security solutions and access control systems with technologies like biometric authentification and key card access. These systems restrict access to specific places based on roles and permissions.

Damaged Lock Repair or Replacement

Locks are prone to damage due to frequent use and other external factors. When that happens, you need immediate services to restore your business’s security. Our technicians can diagnose the problem to determine whether you need lock repair or replacement. If the lock is slightly damaged, a repair may be enough to restore it to its original performance. A severely damaged lock may require replacement for optimal security and avoid repeated repairs, which can be costly. 

Rekeying Services

Rekeying services allow you to change the existing lock’s key without replacing it. If you don’t want people with old keys to access your business premises, rekeying is an ideal solution to prevent unauthorized entry and protect your business. Our locksmiths are experienced in rekeying various lock types and can do the job quickly. This option is more affordable than replacing the entire lock. If you suspect someone has a copy of your business keys, rekeying can be ideal for restoring security and peace of mind. 

Security Audits and Upgrades

If you’re uncertain about the security of your business, a locksmith can help. A regular security audit involves inspecting current door and window locks to check any existing weak spots that could compromise your property or personnel safety. Our technicians can suggest suitable upgrades to strengthen your security if we detect any weak points. We may suggest switching to higher-end locks or access control systems. We also recommend regular lock maintenance and servicing for optimal performance.

Emergency Solutions

Your business may need emergency locksmith services at some point. Your staff may accidentally lock themselves out of the building, or someone may try to break in and tamper with the locks. No matter the situation, you can trust our technicians for fast and reliable emergency response services. We can help you gain access to your business premises, replace or repair damaged locks as fast as possible, and offer other related services. 

Choose 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington for Commercial Locksmith Services

At 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington, we provide a wide range of business locksmith services to suit our clients’ needs. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of commercial locksmithing, from installation to emergency response. We strive to provide superior security solutions and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn how we can help secure your business.

5 Ways a Locksmith Can Help You Secure Your Home

Your home should be a place where you feel safe. At 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington, we provide a wide range of services for increased home security. With our knowledge and experience in lock installation, repair, and maintenance, we can help protect you and your belongings from uninvited visitors. Here are ways a professional locksmith can help secure your home:

Changing Your Locks After a Break-in

Homes are prone to break-ins and burglaries. If you’ve recently been the victim of a burglary, the best thing you can do to protect your home and its contents is to change the locks. The intruders may have copies of your old keys, requiring you to invest in new ones. They may also have mastered how your locks work, making it easy for them to access your home again. A locksmith can change your current locks to reduce the risk of unwanted access. They can recommend stronger, more secure locks with keys that are hard to duplicate.

Installing Quality Locks for Your New Home

If you’ve recently built a new home, securing it should be a top priority. A professional locksmith can help you find a suitable lock based on the door type, budget, and security requirements. They’ll recommend the best locks for enhanced security. They can then install it professionally and verify that it functions as necessary. You may also need to install new locks if you bought your home. The previous owners may have duplicated the keys, giving them access whenever needed, which you do not want.

Repairing or Replacing Damaged Locks

Locks wear out over time due to frequent use, weather changes, or improper installation. A damaged lock is easy to pick, leaving your home vulnerable to attacks. When you notice any signs of lock damage, hire a reputable locksmith to evaluate the situation immediately. If only a few parts are damaged, they can repair it. If the lock is severely damaged or beyond repair, they can replace it with a new one. 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington is a reliable locksmith company, and we’ll provide a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Upgrading Your Security System

Many burglars have figured out how traditional locks work and can bypass them easily. Consider upgrading your security system for advanced protection. Modern locks have sophisticated features that make them more difficult to pick. You can get locks with biometric sensors, keycards, and access codes that allow you to control who can enter your premises. A qualified locksmith can install and configure these new locks for optimal security.

Evaluating Your Home Security

A locksmith can conduct a comprehensive security assessment of your home. They can examine your doors, windows, and other potential entry points, identifying any vulnerabilities. Based on their evaluation, they can provide recommendations to improve your home’s security. They may recommend installing an alarm system, deadbolts, or other security measures. You can expect reliable solutions suiting security needs.

Find a Reputable Locksmith to Secure Your Home

At 4 Got Keys??? of Wilmington, we’re passionate about helping owners protect their homes. Whether you need new locks installed or an existing lock repaired, our skilled and experienced locksmiths can help. If you’re not sure which locks to get, we can help you evaluate your security needs and suggest the best solutions. Contact us today for full-service locksmith services.

Are 24 Hour Locksmiths the Same as Emergency Locksmiths?

Two seemingly interchangeable terms come up in the locksmithing world: emergency and 24 hour locksmith. At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, we offer both types of services. Customers should be able to make an informed decision when they find themselves in a lock and key emergency. 

Here are a few differences between a 24 hour locksmith and an emergency locksmith: 

Emergency Locksmiths

There are times when you may have an unexpected lock or key crisis. This includes being locked out of your home, vehicle, or business. An emergency locksmith is defined by the urgency with which they are usually needed, often working with law enforcement. They offer prompt assistance during situations when speed is necessary. Here are a few cases where an emergency locksmith is needed:

Immediate Response

During a lockout, time is of the essence. Emergency locksmiths can provide an immediate response. They are well-suited to help with a late-night lockout or a broken key stuck in a lock. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington offers emergency locksmithing services outside regular business hours, including weekends and holidays. 

Rapid Solutions

An emergency locksmith should have the equipment to address all kinds of situations. This equipment includes the necessary tools, transportation, skills, and experience to handle a wide range of lock and key emergencies. Our emergency locksmiths can swiftly resolve key extractions, lock repairs, and rekeying issues. 


The are countless types of locks available on the market. Each is designed for different purposes and levels of security. Emergency locksmiths should be trained to work on all commercial, residential, and automotive locks.

Our emergency locksmiths at 4 Got Keyes of Wilmington are trained to tackle various locking mechanisms for comprehensive emergency assistance. These include traditional locks and advanced electronic systems. 

24 Hour Locksmiths

This type of locksmith caters to both emergent and non-emergent locksmithing situations. 

As the name implies, they offer round-the-clock service. At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here are some additional facts:

Convenience and Flexibility

When hiring a 24 hour locksmith, you pay for the convenience of accessing these locksmith services at any time. This means they are suitable for either scheduled appointments or non-urgent tasks. Whether you need a lock installation, security system upgrades, or key duplication, these locksmiths are available when it’s most convenient.

Enhanced Security Solutions

These kinds of locksmiths often specialize in providing comprehensive security solutions. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington offers such services, including lock system installation, auto-key reprogramming, and security system maintenance.

​When it’s time for a security upgrade, we assess your property for vulnerabilities, then recommend security measures. We may suggest advanced locks, surveillance systems, and access control systems. 

Preventative Maintenance

State-of-the-art security systems can require a lot of maintenance and updating. Our 24 hour locksmiths perform routine maintenance and inspections. This helps keep your security systems and locks ready to protect you and your property.

Find a Reliable Locksmith

We recommend that people take a proactive approach to their security. Don’t wait until there is an emergency before calling a locksmith. We can help identify potential issues or risks early on. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington is here to help prevent and address security emergencies. 

What Can a Locksmith Open?

If you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle, you may know that you need to call a locksmith for help. What you might not realize is that vehicles are just one way a locksmithing company can be of assistance. 4 Got Keys can solve many of your lock problems in New Hanover County and the surrounding area. 

Residential Services

You can contact a locksmith when you’ve been locked out of your home. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington provides 24-hour service, seven days a week. If you come home late at night and realize you can’t find your keys, you can give us a call for help. We respond quickly, so you aren’t standing outside in the dark for hours.

Our service technicians can get you into your home if your lock is broken or the keys are lost. We’ll rekey the lock or even replace it if you’re worried about security. If your roommate moved out and left their bedroom door locked, call us to get in and rekey the lock. We take care of exterior and interior doors when you need access or a new lock.

Commercial Services

We provide the same high-quality service for our commercial customers who are having issues with a lock. If you have lost your keys to a retail, office, or industrial space, we will open the door and rekey the lock. 

If an employee leaves with the only set of keys to a building, room, or storage space, we help you get in with our expert services. We can install new locks for added security. Our team can reprogram digital locks, create new keys, and install a new system when necessary. 

Auto Services

When it comes to vehicles, 4 Got Keys can help you get back into almost any make and model. Our team has the skills and tools to get into both domestic and foreign vehicles when you’ve lost your keys.

If the key has broken in the lock or it has otherwise been damaged, we’ll help you get inside and make a new key. Our team has the expertise to reprogram the locks on newer models while using our tools on our mobile workstations to make new keys for older models. We’ll get you into the trunk if you lost your trunk key or key fob and can’t find another way to open it. 

Contact 4 Got Keys of Wilmington Locksmith

No matter whether you got locked out of your vehicle, your home, or your office, a locksmith helps you get access. Locksmiths are trained to open many kinds of locks without damaging the surrounding surface. 

Here at 4 Got Keys, we’re proud to serve the residents of Wilmington, Fayetteville, and surrounding communities. As a locally owned family business, we know how frustrating it can be to get locked out of somewhere. That’s why we’re here for you, 24-7. Count on us for quality locksmith services day or night. Contact us if you need a skilled locksmith to open a lock for you. 

What Is the Difference Between a Regular and a 24 Hour Locksmith?

A professional locksmith can handle various lock and key issues, from standard key cutting to complex lock repairs and installations. You can hire a 24/7 locksmith if you lock yourself out of your car, office, or home. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington is a 24 hour locksmith service that can offer quick response time whenever you’re locked out. Here’s what differentiates us from regular locksmiths:

Working Hours 

A regular locksmith typically operates during regular business hours. This can be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Some may be available over the weekends but limit their operations to only a few hours a day. 

A 24 hour locksmith like 4 Got Keys of Wilmington is available around the clock. You can contact us during the day, at night, on weekends, and on holidays. If you get locked out, you have someone who can offer immediate assistance regardless of the time you need it. 

Emergency Services 

Regular locksmiths may not always be available to respond to urgent customer calls outside their regular working hours. If you choose a regular locksmith, you may have to wait until the next business day to get help.

24/7 locksmiths like us specialize in offering emergency services. We’re trained to respond quickly to urgent calls and can reach you within minutes or hours, depending on your location. With a few details regarding your specific situation, we can arrive prepared and ready to help. We have the tools and expertise necessary to unlock doors, install new locks, make new keys, and offer many other emergency services to help you regain access to your property. 

Finding the Right 24 Hour Locksmith

Many people think of a locksmith as only offering services for when you are locked out of your home or car, but some locksmiths provide additional services and products as well. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington offers various services, including auto locksmith services, commercial and residential locksmith services, lock system installation, and auto key duplication and programming. We can get you a new house key, car key, or push-to-start key. We can also inspect your current locks after a home invasion and replace them if needed.

Check a locksmith’s credentials to confirm they can legally offer locksmith services. An ideal locksmith should be licensed and insured. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington is licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can feel confident when booking our services. 

Consider a locksmith’s availability before booking their services. The whole point of hiring 24/7 locksmiths is to have someone available to help you regardless of the time. Confirm whether your chosen locksmith can come to your location. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington can help anyone living in New Hanover County and surrounding areas. You can come to our location or ask us to meet you wherever you are. 

Your Ideal 24 Hour Locksmith 

The main difference between a regular and a 24 hour locksmith is their business hours. A regular locksmith often only operates within regular business hours, while a 24/7 locksmith operates around the clock. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington offers 24 hour services, making us an ideal choice in any situation. Book our services the next time you find yourself in need of a locksmith.