Rekeying Locks for Your Car

Carlock rekeying is a widespread trade that any auto locksmith is proud to handle. A car is a vital asset and needs a secure locking system in place, just like your house, office, and safe. Unfortunately, no one is immune to losing their car keys or damaging the locks and ignition.

It is vital to involve a reputable locksmith for rekeying services whenever your car locks are damaged. The idea of rekeying is to ensure the former keys are useless by designing a new configuration complete with new keys. 

4 Reasons Why an Auto Locksmith Rekeys Car Locks

There are various ways to keep your car locks and ignition safe. However, you’ll encounter multiple situations that call for new locks and keys. Here are four reasons for rekeying car locks.

1. Damaged Car Keys

Auto keys and locks are made using metal and can break, bend, chip, tarnish and age. If your keys are damaged and won’t lock or open your car, you can use a spare key. Also, you can hire a local locksmith to make new keys. 

However, if the problem is with the lock, you’ll need to rekey the lock, which involves changing the pins and tumblers and designing new keys for the ignition chamber. A damaged lock is one of the leading reasons for car lock rekeying.

2. Lost Car Keys

Anyone can lose their car keys for various reasons. When that happens, you can’t use your car without a spare. Even with extra keys, your vehicle will still be at risk of being stolen. You can consider rekeying the locks to prevent the possibility of someone accessing the car using the old keys.

Your locksmith will disassemble and rekey the locks and make a new set of keys, effectively rendering the old ones useless. Getting a new lock is always the best solution if you have misplaced your car keys.

3. Stolen Car Keys

It’s unfortunate, but you could be robbed, or someone may steal your car, which allows them to duplicate the keys. If any of these situations occur, it is crucial to replace car keys and locks as soon as you recover the car.

The first stop after recovering your car should be at the locksmith to ensure the system is changed. Without such changes, the auto insurance company may refuse to cover you the next time someone steals your vehicle.

4. Used Car Duplicates

Rekeying locks is an essential step if you’ve just bought a used car. However, you can’t trust any seller and certainly don’t know how many copies of the keys are available. The recommended solution is to let a licensed locksmith rekey the locks and ignition.

Auto insurance carriers may also require you to rekey the locks of a second-hand car. As such, it’s essential to replace the locks immediately to prevent this from becoming an issue when you need coverage.

Trustworthy Auto Locksmith Services in Fayetteville

Carlock and key systems will get compromised at some point, whether due to aging, accidents, or bad practices. When your system fails, rekeying can provide a new lock. First, however, you need to work with a trusted locksmith.

We recommend hiring 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, a locally owned business committed to serving Fayetteville, Wilmington, and surrounding areas. A reputable local locksmith will preserve the integrity of your lock and key information and offers better accountability.