DIY Lock Picking Methods to Avoid

DIY lock picking may sound appealing if you want to save more money or accomplish something, but the truth is very few attempts are successful. Most people end up damaging the locking systemand spending more on repairs. The best solution is to contact a mobile locksmith in your area. Consult a mobile locksmith in your locality for advice against methods to avoid.

7 Lock Picking Methods a Mobile Locksmith Warns Against

Searching for DIY lock picking suggestions online might be tempting if you lock yourself out of your home or car. Replicating what you see online may leave you with a damaged lock. Here are seven DIY lock picking methods professionals will dissuade you from experimenting.

1. Avoid Bumping Your Locks

Bumping is a method used by thieves and burglars. The process uses a screwdriver and a manipulator to attempt to bump the lock cylinder. Bumping tries to force an alignment that can trigger unlocking. By using this method, you’ll end up damaging the lock.

2. Refrain From Snapping the Tool

Snapping is another popular DIY suggestion. You might attempt to snap off the lock. In the process, you might snap off your tool in the locking mechanism. Mobile locksmiths condemn this strategy as it damages the lock. Finally, you’ll call a pundit, which is what you should do from the start.

3. Do Not Drill the Lock

Drilling is a DIY lock picking method you might consider when you are locked out of interior doors. Using a drill on the internal lock will cause more damage than good. Locksmiths advise against drilling because it almost guarantees to destroy the lock.

4. Resist Duplicating Your Keys 

Duplicating a key to store in a hidden area may sound like a good idea. Make sure you consider the risks before duplicating your keys. If you must copy them, use a professional mobile locksmith. Avoid big-box retailers and unlicensed locksmiths to protect your keys’ vulnerable information.

5. Avoid Using Picking Kits

Lock picking kits are available online. If you are to buy such kits, you should know they are ineffective. Most are made using low-quality materials and are more likely to damage the lock. You’ll also expose your shipping address when you have a lock problem. 

6. Forgo DIY Lock Picks

Using DIY lock picks and tension wrenches is a fussy attempt that’ll leave your locks in worse conditions than before. You don’t need to buy hose clamps, pliers, and safety gear to make a DIY lock pick that might not work. Hire a reputable, licensed locksmith to handle the job.

7. Resist Destroying the Lock

Being locked out is a frustrating experience. You might be tempted to destroy the lock, frames, window, or door. Destruction isn’t a wise idea and may result in serious injury. You’ll also spend more on repairs, so call a professional instead.

Professional Locksmith Services in Wilmington

Most DIY lock picking methods mentioned above will damage your locks, calling for expert repairs. You’ll eventually pay dearly to fix the damage and the lock. You are better off engaging a mobile locksmith in your area.

Professional locksmiths have the skills, experience, and tools needed to unlock your door without causing any damage. They are also licensed and insured, so your property will be safe in case of anything. Contact a mobile locksmith today to get professional locksmith services for any lock.