Why Choose Professional Locksmith Services

Your household’s safety is your priority, so you invest in top-quality locks. Unfortunately, that means that if you ever lose your keys you won’t be able to get into your home either! When that happens, you need to hire a mobile locksmith to open the lock and help you access the house.

Why Choose Professional Locksmith Services

Professional locksmiths offer prompt assistance to ensure you do not get stranded. Their services provide you peace of mind and secure you and your household.

Below is an outline of reasons for choosing professional locksmith services.

Full Services

Professional locksmiths offer various services, so you can count on them regardless of your situation. Some of the services that full-service locksmiths handle include
•    Lock installation and upgrades

•    Automotive lock opening and rekeying

•    Lock opening

•    Lock rekeying

•    Lock replacement

•    Key cutting

Handle Emergency Cases

It can be frustrating when you get stranded for hours without responsive help. Professional locksmiths will get you the trained service you need in minutes; and, by choosing a locksmith in your area, you can feel confident that they will attend to you in no time. Professional locksmiths operate on a 24-hour basis to cater to all of your emergency cases.

Saves You Money

Opening a lock requires an in-depth knowledge of its inner workings; otherwise, you risk damaging it. Damaged locks need replacement, which will cost you more money. Enlisting the help of experts will make sure the job gets done efficiently and at the lowest price possible, as further damage will not be accrued (thereby making replacements unnecessary.)

Less time for repairs, less money for replacements, less stress for you. Locksmiths will save you a lot.


Considering the locksmith’s qualifications and market experience, you can count on their skills to get the job done. Well certified and highly recommended locksmiths will sort your problem in minutes, allowing you to get on with your day quickly.

Ensure Safety

Locksmiths ensure safety two-fold: first, from the process of opening or fixing a lock itself, which requires coordination with tools that can be harmful if used improperly. And second, the repaired lock will ensure that you are once again safe from malicious intruders. 

Your locksmith may recommend different solutions or innovations to your lock system, in order to help you keep you and your home safe. High-security keypads and lock adjustment services bolster the security of your home and are easier to work with than normal locks… plus, they often don’t require keys at all, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing house keys again!

Hire a Mobile Locksmith for the Best Results

Getting locked out of your home is frustrating. Make the situation brief and easy, by hiring a mobile locksmith to help you out. Professional locksmiths are trained to offer specialized services to guarantee household safety.

4 Got Keys is your trusted neighborhood locksmith in Wilmington, NC. We offer 24 hour services for residential home, commercial building, or emergency car lockouts. Contact us today for a free estimate.

6 Situations When You Need a Locksmith

Getting locked out of your premises or car can be stressful and inconvenient. Hiring a locksmith ensures you regain access to the inside without causing damage. Locksmiths offer prompt services, guaranteeing you peace of mind as you go on with your day.

6 Situations When You Need a Locksmith

Locksmiths have the training for practically every solution involving keys and locks. If you are wondering whether they can help with your situation, here are instances when you should enlist locksmith services like 4 Got Keys of Wilmington.

1. Moving Into a New House

Buying a home is exciting, but ensuring security at the premises is paramount. Whether it is a newly built home or a formerly-existing apartment, you can’t be sure who has a copy of your keys. Multiple existing copies in the wrong hands pose a security threat you should not ignore.

Call a locksmith to rekey your locks immediately after you move in. By making a new set of keys or installing new locks, you ensure nobody else has access to your home.

2. After a Break-in

Break-ins are unfortunate, but you have to act fast to prevent a reoccurrence. Burglars being able to access your house means it can happen again — unless you improve security. A locksmith can replace locks in your home to boost security. You have a better chance of keeping thieves away from your home with an upgraded lockset.

3. Lost Keys

Misplacing keys is common for many people and can be unfortunate. Without the keys, you cannot enter the house or car unless you get professional help. Working with our emergency locksmith services means you receive prompt assistance to get access to your property and lock rekeying help.

You should not take chances after losing your keys; if someone has stolen them, they can access your property. Our locksmiths will help you replace the locks or rekey to boost security at home.

4. Broken Keys 

Wear and tear weaken keys after they have been used for a long time. Such keys can break inside the lock, making them difficult to remove.

Our locksmiths can help remove the broken key to open your lock using spares. We also offer assistance to help you replace the broken key.

5. Upgrading or Customizing Your Home Security

A lock upgrade might be necessary if you seek to bolster home security. Newer locks come with advanced security features for your home-entry mechanism. Instead of the traditional locks, you can now consider keyless entry options. 

Professional locksmiths handle lock upgrades efficiently. They help you explore available lock options and settle for one that suits your needs. If you want to customize your locks, our locksmiths can also create single key access in your home.

6. After Accidentally Getting Locked Out

Accidentally getting locked out of your home or car can be frustrating. You likely won’t have planned for such occasions, which can leave you stranded. Our professional locksmiths offer emergency services to get you quick access to your property.

Hire a Locksmith

Enlisting professional locksmith services is essential for many situations. You should hire a trusted and reputable locksmith since they can guarantee quality service.

4 Got Keys of Wilmington is your honest and reliable service to get you out of a jam. We offer emergency services to ensure you don’t get stranded and continue with your day. Contact us today for prompt service at an affordable price.

Different Lock Systems for Commercial Properties

Commercial property gives you income or is a place where income is generated. Security of such a property is the number one concern of any property owner. The first thing you can do is find a locksmith in your neighborhood to install the best commercial door lock. However, you need to consider a few factors before deciding what type of commercial door lock to purchase for your property.

Factors to Consider:

Not all commercial lock systems are automatically the best option. Take into account the following:

  • Size of the property
  • Number of rooms and their size
  • Number of staff and customers who come and leave the premises
  • Your main security needs
  • Budget

There are three categories of commercial door locks, each defined based on their security and reliability features. Grades 2 and 3 are good, but Grade 1 has the highest strength and durability.

Types of Lock Systems to Purchase From a Locksmith

As you look at different options, remember that the locks you decide on should cater to your commercial needs.

1.Cylindrical Lever Locks

You can operate a cylindrical lever lock with a key and push-button. The cylindrical lever lock has handles on both sides and is best for interior doors. You can easily install a cylindrical lever lock system. They also have an anti-snap option to strengthen security.

2.Mortise Lock Systems

Mortise locks are heavy-duty and very reliable commercial locks. Mortise locks don’t rust as they are made of aluminum. The size of the bolts in the mortise body is substantial, making this lock very durable.

3.  Panic Bars or Push Bars

Panic bars, also called push bars, are installed on a building’s exit doors to let users quickly move in and out of a building. They are sufficient in emergency evacuation times the door will easily spring open when you attempt to exit. 

4.Electronic and Smart Locks

These are more advanced locking systems with a wide range of features to keep the property secure. This category includes keyless locks, keypad locks, electric door locks, biometric locks, and remote locks systems.

Benefits of Electronic and Smart Door Lock Systems

  • Unlock doors with a key fob
  • Remotely unlock doors and manage accessibility in the building
  • Effortlessly configure any number of doors
  • Add security to internal doors like offices and conference rooms
  • Use advanced access controls
  • Monitor all doors in the building from an interface
  • Upgrade door lock systems according to need diversities
  • Enhance security controls and audits for those entering the building

Electronic commercial door locks have additional security features to protect your commercial property. They are designed for many clients who come in and out of the property in a single day.

Go For the Best Door Lock System

Commercial keyless door locks are powered with a video reader, providing all-in-one functionality. In these technological times, you want to keep up with current market trends on security matters. You require 24-hour locksmith professionals to upgrade your commercial door lock systems.

Are you living in Wilmington, Fayetteville area, and are experiencing security issues on your property? Contact 4 Got Keys??? today. Our locksmith experts will handle your commercial door lock systems immediately.

7 Things Locksmiths Can Help With

Locksmiths can help with various things, including new lock and peephole installations, lock changing, locked-out services, and many more. When you have misplaced your home/car keys or need to open a safe of a passed loved one, a locksmith is the professional to hire. The best offer 24 hour locksmith services, so you can get assistance around the clock. Here is an overview of seven things locksmiths can help with:

1.    Installing a New Lock

A locksmith’s job revolves around installing, repairing, and maintaining locks. You can hire a locksmith to install new locks if you need to switch to new systems. Locksmiths can safely remove existing locks without damaging the door, car, safe, desk, cabinet, or mailbox. They can also install locks in new homes and doors.

2.    Locked-out Services

Locked-out services are some of the most popular requests locksmiths receive. It is easy to get locked out, especially if you have kids or have a tight schedule. A locksmith can safely open the lock if you are locked out of your home or car. Some companies offer 24/7 services, so you can call them at any time to regain access without damaging or compromising your locks. 

3.    Safes and Combinations

A locksmith can help you unlock safes left behind by passed loved ones. Safes tend to feature complex combinations and tough materials. They are impossible to open without professional tools and help, so hiring a locksmith is the right approach. Locksmiths have the experience and technical knowledge required to unlock the safe without damaging it and can set up new combinations.

4.    Automobile Lock Services

You can hire a locksmith to unlock your car if you have misplaced the keys or left them inside the vehicle. Locksmiths can also change the locks and configure new keys if you need to replace the existing setup. An auto locksmith will handle all automobile locks, including doors, ignition, and rear storage compartments.

5.    Mailbox Replacement

Your mailbox holds confidential documents and needs the safest locks to prevent unauthorized access, adverse weather, and unruly animals. If you have lost your mailbox keys or need an upgrade to better locks, hire a locksmith. Most companies can complete mailbox replacements or configure new locks and keys if you need safer setups.

6.    Installing Smart Locks

Traditional locks and keys are still popular, and most locksmiths specialize in configuring and handling such setups. You can also hire a locksmith to install smart locks systems that use voice or touch activation instead of keys. Make sure the locksmith specializes in smart locks and has experience installing such systems.

7.    Garage Doors and Peep Holes

Your garage door is an entryway to your home and needs safe locking systems to keep your cars, tools, and home secure. Locksmiths can repair garage doors and restore proper functioning to malfunctioning locks. You can also hire a locksmith to install a peephole to your doors for extra safety/precaution.

24 Hour Locksmith Services

It is possible to plan for a lock change or new installation, but some scenarios require emergency services. If you are locked out of your home car or need to open a safe for deeds and wills, you will need 24 hour locksmith services.

Whether you have been locked out of your home or your vehicle, we can help. 4 Got Keys of Wilmington is a local family-owned and operated locksmith business with experienced locksmiths. We install, repair, reconfigure, or replace locks across Wilmington, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas. We also offer vehicle key duplication and programming services. Contact us today for all your lock and key needs.

How to Tell If Someone Tampered with Your Locks

A break-in attempt is a piece of disturbing news for every home, car, or business owner. If the first attempt was unsuccessful, the burglars might return better prepared for the second time. Therefore, you should always check for signs of lock tampering. It would also help if you considered enlisting the advice of a locksmith for professional lock security advice.

Tell-Tale Signs of an Attempted Break-in

Whenever you suspect that your lock has been tampered with, first look for evidence around the scene. Check whether anything is out of place, smashed, moved, or broken. But before you start checking for any anomalies, a little knowledge would help. So here are the possible signs of lock tampering.

Lock Malfunction

A lock doesn’t function properly as before could have been tampered with through bumping. Bumping is a centuries-old secretive technique that expert locksmiths use to hastily open locks, usually only in emergencies. The process involves inserting an improvised key into the lock, then hitting it hard, forcing the tumblers to release.

Burglars have taken advantage of this process to break into people’s property. Signs of bumping include fresh scratches on the edges of the keyhole. You may also notice glossy metal edges resulting from the brute force on the lock. The brute strength used to force the tumblers to release will cause the lock to become difficult to open or loose. 

Scrapes and Deep Cuts on the Lock

Scrapes and deep cuts are enough signs to make you suspect a burglary attempt on your lock. Though wear and tear may lead to similar scratches, fresh ones are a cause for alarm. Likewise, nicks, especially around the keyhole, could signify lock picking.

Lock picking is a method used to open locks by inserting flat screwdrivers into the keyhole. The picks rake the tumblers, forcing the key to turn. Signs of lock picking include fresh, shiny scratches around the keyhole edges. 

Deformed or Damaged Lock

Burglars don’t have the luxury of time to break a lock. They usually do it in a hurry to avoid detection. The easiest way for them is to use brute force on the lock. Brute force physically damages the lock, forcing it to turn.

Inexperienced burglars opt to drill the lock or hit it with a crowbar, damaging its body. Others kick the door intending to force it to unhinge. In the end, your lock or door resembles a crime scene. Signs of damaged lock include debris near the entrance, dents on the lock, splinters, and fresh scratches.

Enlist the Services of a Locksmith to Secure Your Property

Now that you are informed about the signs of lock tampering, it’s time you took action. The surest way to stop unwanted intrusion is to seek the services of a locksmith. A professional will advise on the most secure locks depending on your needs.

Are you planning to take the next step towards securing your property soon? Prevention is better than cure-goes an old saying. For professional safety tips and secure lock fitting services, contact 4 Got Keys of Wilmington as soon as you’re ready.

How You Can Improve Automobile Security

If you have had your car broken into, you know how important security is if you own a vehicle. Car thieves break into thousands of vehicles each year and keep inventing new ways to breach existing security measures. Contact an experienced auto locksmith to fix or rekey broken locks if your car has been broken into.

5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Security before you need an Auto Locksmith

Auto locksmiths focus on fixing lock issues and damages caused by thieves. Car owners can use surveillance, alarm, or lock different parts of the vehicle to deny access. Here’s a look at five ways you can improve automobile security.

1.    Invest in a Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks do precisely what the name suggests. They lock over the steering wheel, making it immobile. The locks are heavy and visible, offering a visual deterrence to auto thieves because they have to work harder to get away with the car.

When purchasing a wheel lock, stick to sturdy metal locks customized for your car. Some companies offer guarantees that include reimbursing you if thieves get away with your vehicle.

2.    Use a Tire and Rim Lock

Rim and tire locks work in the same way as steering wheel locks. Parking enforcement officials often use this method to book cars parked in the wrong slot. The locks clamp onto the outside of the wheel, preventing it from turning.

Tire and rim locks come in different sizes so that you can find the perfect model for your car. Also, they are versatile and can protect your trailers, ATVs, RVs, lawnmowers, and other equipment that feature a wheel.

3.    Ensure the Car Alarm Works

Car alarms are perfect for deterring auto thieves from stealing your vehicle. If you have an old, outdated, or ineffective alarm, get it fixed as soon as possible. Alarms have unique features that’ll make your life more convenient.

You can upgrade the alarm system to include keyless access, remote car starting, and pre-warming. Some auto insurance policies even offer discounts to customers who integrate more security features, such as advanced alarms.

4.    Use an Auto GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are convenient for tracking the whereabouts of your car. Auto locksmiths can plug a tracker in the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) II port to help you map out where your vehicle is. With a GPS tracker, you can use your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or computer to trace its location.

Some trackers work with telematics to keep track of driving habits. They can send warnings or notifications if your car moves into strange territory or roads you often don’t use. The only downside to trackers is that most involve a monthly/yearly subscription.

Car Lock Repair 

There are many other ways to improve automobile security. Kill switches, car part protection, immobilizers, and keyless pouches are all tools you can use to buffer security and reduce vulnerabilities. Tools alone won’t provide 100% security for your car.

You should avoid situations that leave your car vulnerable. Purchasing automobiles with better security features, parking in safe locations, tracking spare keys, and charging EV cables are essential practices. You should also work with reputable auto shops to fix lock issues.

At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, our goal is to provide premium quality locksmith services in Fayetteville, Wilmington, and surrounding areas. We are locally owned and operated, have many years of experience and a clean track record to help you fix broken and damaged locks.

Rekeying Locks for Your Car

Carlock rekeying is a widespread trade that any auto locksmith is proud to handle. A car is a vital asset and needs a secure locking system in place, just like your house, office, and safe. Unfortunately, no one is immune to losing their car keys or damaging the locks and ignition.

It is vital to involve a reputable locksmith for rekeying services whenever your car locks are damaged. The idea of rekeying is to ensure the former keys are useless by designing a new configuration complete with new keys. 

4 Reasons Why an Auto Locksmith Rekeys Car Locks

There are various ways to keep your car locks and ignition safe. However, you’ll encounter multiple situations that call for new locks and keys. Here are four reasons for rekeying car locks.

1. Damaged Car Keys

Auto keys and locks are made using metal and can break, bend, chip, tarnish and age. If your keys are damaged and won’t lock or open your car, you can use a spare key. Also, you can hire a local locksmith to make new keys. 

However, if the problem is with the lock, you’ll need to rekey the lock, which involves changing the pins and tumblers and designing new keys for the ignition chamber. A damaged lock is one of the leading reasons for car lock rekeying.

2. Lost Car Keys

Anyone can lose their car keys for various reasons. When that happens, you can’t use your car without a spare. Even with extra keys, your vehicle will still be at risk of being stolen. You can consider rekeying the locks to prevent the possibility of someone accessing the car using the old keys.

Your locksmith will disassemble and rekey the locks and make a new set of keys, effectively rendering the old ones useless. Getting a new lock is always the best solution if you have misplaced your car keys.

3. Stolen Car Keys

It’s unfortunate, but you could be robbed, or someone may steal your car, which allows them to duplicate the keys. If any of these situations occur, it is crucial to replace car keys and locks as soon as you recover the car.

The first stop after recovering your car should be at the locksmith to ensure the system is changed. Without such changes, the auto insurance company may refuse to cover you the next time someone steals your vehicle.

4. Used Car Duplicates

Rekeying locks is an essential step if you’ve just bought a used car. However, you can’t trust any seller and certainly don’t know how many copies of the keys are available. The recommended solution is to let a licensed locksmith rekey the locks and ignition.

Auto insurance carriers may also require you to rekey the locks of a second-hand car. As such, it’s essential to replace the locks immediately to prevent this from becoming an issue when you need coverage.

Trustworthy Auto Locksmith Services in Fayetteville

Carlock and key systems will get compromised at some point, whether due to aging, accidents, or bad practices. When your system fails, rekeying can provide a new lock. First, however, you need to work with a trusted locksmith.

We recommend hiring 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, a locally owned business committed to serving Fayetteville, Wilmington, and surrounding areas. A reputable local locksmith will preserve the integrity of your lock and key information and offers better accountability.

DIY Lock Picking Methods to Avoid

DIY lock picking may sound appealing if you want to save more money or accomplish something, but the truth is very few attempts are successful. Most people end up damaging the locking systemand spending more on repairs. The best solution is to contact a mobile locksmith in your area. Consult a mobile locksmith in your locality for advice against methods to avoid.

7 Lock Picking Methods a Mobile Locksmith Warns Against

Searching for DIY lock picking suggestions online might be tempting if you lock yourself out of your home or car. Replicating what you see online may leave you with a damaged lock. Here are seven DIY lock picking methods professionals will dissuade you from experimenting.

1. Avoid Bumping Your Locks

Bumping is a method used by thieves and burglars. The process uses a screwdriver and a manipulator to attempt to bump the lock cylinder. Bumping tries to force an alignment that can trigger unlocking. By using this method, you’ll end up damaging the lock.

2. Refrain From Snapping the Tool

Snapping is another popular DIY suggestion. You might attempt to snap off the lock. In the process, you might snap off your tool in the locking mechanism. Mobile locksmiths condemn this strategy as it damages the lock. Finally, you’ll call a pundit, which is what you should do from the start.

3. Do Not Drill the Lock

Drilling is a DIY lock picking method you might consider when you are locked out of interior doors. Using a drill on the internal lock will cause more damage than good. Locksmiths advise against drilling because it almost guarantees to destroy the lock.

4. Resist Duplicating Your Keys 

Duplicating a key to store in a hidden area may sound like a good idea. Make sure you consider the risks before duplicating your keys. If you must copy them, use a professional mobile locksmith. Avoid big-box retailers and unlicensed locksmiths to protect your keys’ vulnerable information.

5. Avoid Using Picking Kits

Lock picking kits are available online. If you are to buy such kits, you should know they are ineffective. Most are made using low-quality materials and are more likely to damage the lock. You’ll also expose your shipping address when you have a lock problem. 

6. Forgo DIY Lock Picks

Using DIY lock picks and tension wrenches is a fussy attempt that’ll leave your locks in worse conditions than before. You don’t need to buy hose clamps, pliers, and safety gear to make a DIY lock pick that might not work. Hire a reputable, licensed locksmith to handle the job.

7. Resist Destroying the Lock

Being locked out is a frustrating experience. You might be tempted to destroy the lock, frames, window, or door. Destruction isn’t a wise idea and may result in serious injury. You’ll also spend more on repairs, so call a professional instead.

Professional Locksmith Services in Wilmington

Most DIY lock picking methods mentioned above will damage your locks, calling for expert repairs. You’ll eventually pay dearly to fix the damage and the lock. You are better off engaging a mobile locksmith in your area.

Professional locksmiths have the skills, experience, and tools needed to unlock your door without causing any damage. They are also licensed and insured, so your property will be safe in case of anything. Contact a mobile locksmith today to get professional locksmith services for any lock.

Tips And Tricks To Prevent Getting Locked Out

Lockouts are events that happen to even the best of us. There are times where you have much on your mind, and suddenly, you realize you locked your keys inside! Thankfully, our locksmith has solutions that can help you prevent these moments from happening to you.

At 4 Got Keys of Wilmington, we provide reliable services that help you get out of any jam. There are many steps you can take to avoid losing your house keys or dealing with lockouts.

Today, we’ll discuss a few tips on how you can prevent lockouts from occurring.

Make Some Spare Keys And Share With People You Trust

It’s never a safe idea to have only one key. There are just so many things that can happen to it at a moments’ notice. That’s why you should have at least one copy of your most important keys. Once you do, give one to a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor. This can save you the expense of calling a locksmith in the event of a lockout.

Keep A Spare Key In Your Car Or Belongings

Another step you can take is to keep a spare key in your car or briefcase/purse. If you do place a spare key in your car, avoid the car’s glove compartment. Glove compartments are a place thieves commonly look at first as they plot their steal.

You should also avoid putting your spare key inside your bumper. Attaching it to your bumper can result in its dislodging. This can, in return, cause you to lose your keys. That’s why you should instead put the spare key in other areas of your car for maximum security.

Establish A Routine Of Checking Your Keys Before Leaving

One top tip our locksmith recommends is to get into the habit of checking your keys before leaving your home.

As many experts point out, It can take a minimum of three weeks to establish a new habit. That’s why you should make a purposeful effort to check for your keys each time you exit your home. For best results, you’ll want to stick to this commitment for the next three weeks.

While it’ll be tough at first, these efforts will be worthwhile with you always having your keys in your hand.

Change Your Locks To Keyless Smart Locks

If you really seek to go the extra mile, you could change your locks to smart locks. There are two types of keyless smart locks our locksmith recommends that can help meet your needs.

  • Fingerprint lock
  • Keypad combination lock

With these high-quality lock options, you won’t ever have to worry about locking yourself out or losing your keys again.

Consider A Key Finder

If you’re someone who constantly loses your key, you should look into purchasing a key finder. Key finders are great at tracking down your lost keys. Not only that, but the key finders’ tracking technology can also help you track down other things as well. They can even transmit alerts with GPS technology that can guide you right to your lost key.

Key finder solutions go a long way in ensuring you can find your keys in moments that matter most.

Choose Locksmith Solutions You Can Count On

Following these great tips will help you avoid the stress of losing your keys! Not only that, but you’ll help ensure easy access to another.

If you’re still experiencing lockouts, our team at 4 Got Keys Of Wilmington stands ready to help. Give us a call at (910) 859-5868, or fill out our contact form. We’ll bring you reliable and speedy locksmith options you can count on.

5 Times You Will Need 24-Hour Locksmith Services

Have you ever found yourself locked out of your house or car? Millions of Americans find themselves in the same situation every year. No matter the time or day of the week, certain circumstances warrant emergency locksmith services. A 24 hour locksmith is always prepared to help unlock and secure your home, car, or business.

You’ve Lost Your Keys

Lost keys is one of the most common reasons people call a locksmith. It can be frustrating and worrying to find yourself in this position, especially if you don’t know whose hands your keys could’ve fallen into. Whether it’s before or after sundown, your first priority should be safely re-entering your home and rekeying the locks, just in case. Fortunately, a 24 hour locksmith can help unlock and rekey your door, providing you with access to your home and peace of mind.

Following a Burglary

In 2019, there were over 1 million burglaries in the U.S., according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). There are several steps you can take to secure your home, from installing a reliable security system to ensuring only trusted individuals have access to copies of your home keys. If you do experience a break-in or attempted break-in, you may need an emergency locksmith. Home invaders may have forced their way into your home or car, potentially damaging the lock in the process. 

Your Keys Are Broken

Your keys are incredibly durable, but they’re not unbreakable objects. Occasionally, keys can and do get stuck or broken in a lock. This could be due to various reasons, such as general wear and tear of the key itself or the lock and tumbler. If you were in a hurry and forcefully shoved the key into the door, that could also have been a contributing factor. While there are many DIY quick fixes for broken keys circulating the Internet, your best bet is to get in contact with a skilled professional so that you don’t cause additional damage to your lock.

Your Key is Stuck in the Ignition

Another common scenario is your car key getting stuck in the ignition. The most important thing to keep in mind in this situation is not to yank on the key. Constant pulling has the potential to damage your ignition and the key itself.  A common cause is that your steering wheel is locked or your car isn’t in Park. If those aren’t the culprits, sit down to call a professional. An experienced locksmith has the tools and know-how to remove your key without causing any collateral damage safely.

You’re Locked Out

Sometimes, you find yourself locked out of your home or car. Auto lockouts, in particular, are more common than you think. You hit the locks automatically and fail to realize your error until it’s too late. You’re not left with many options besides smashing through your car door window, which will do more harm than good. That’s where a  locksmith comes into the picture, armed with the skills to assist you.

In Need of a Professional 24 Hour Locksmith?

4 Got Keys is a 24 hour locksmith local to Wilmington, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated team aims to provide convenient, affordable service to local residents. Whether you need locksmith services for your car, home, or business, you can count on us! Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.